Cheek Filler

Cheek Filler Treatment

Restoring the bounce and volume of the cheek is prominent as it restores the fresh and young look. Ageing is the primary factor that leads to dull, unhealthy and hollow cheeks. Apparently, loss volume of the cheek can be restored with the effective Cheek fillers Treatment.


Enhance The Cheek Appearance Without Painful Surgery

to a tired and frustrated appearance. Naturally as we get older, the face tends to become more square due to a combination of gravitational descent and upper face/cheek volume loss.

With the cheek fillers Treatment, one can restore beauty by improving the appearance. However, In the past, the treatment was only performed with the surgical procedures that enhances the volume of the cheek, but now the process can be done with less painful and less invasive cheek fillers Treatment.


At Dr. Ram Aesthetics, you can get safe and effective dermal filler treatment to uplift and improve the plump of the cheek.

Benefits of Cheek filler treatment

Boost Confidence

By improving aesthetics, one can ultimately boost their confidence and introduce a new version of themselves.

Minimal Risk

Cheek fillers Treatment is a less-invasive procedure that has minimal risks. However, swelling and mild bruising are common, but there are no excessive side effects this will be discussed at the time of consultation

Enhance Beauty

By improving cheek volume and shape, one can ultimately enhance overall facial beauty.

Long-lasting Result

With the effective cheek filler treatment, one can get long lasting results. Results can last 12-18 months.


What is the cheek filler treatment?

Non-Surgical Injectable Treatment - Fillers are gel-like substances that are injected beneath the skin to restore lost volume, smoothen lines and soften creases, or enhance facial contours. Injectable hyaluronic acid filler where it is directly injected into the affected region to stimulate collagen production and add volume to those specific regions. As a result, the signs of aging are improved and one will achieve a youthful appearance.


Areas Where Dermal Fillers Can Improve Your Face - Volumize Lips, Plump Cheeks, Forehead Lines, Reshape the Chin or Nose, Marionette Lines & Nasolabial Folds, Reduce Appearance of Scars, etc.


Fillers injected in cheeks can add volume and return the cheeks to a higher, fuller and more youthful position. The difference between cheek fillers and other facial fillers are the depth of injection and the density of the filler. With cheek augmentation and contouring, the aim is to inject at a 90 degree angle and deep (down to the bone) to create an ‘anchoring effect’ which creates added volume. For this reason we use a much thicker product such as Juvederm ultra 4.

Why Choose Dr. Ram Aesthetics?

Dr. Ram Aesthetics Clinic is a reliable place to get the safe and effective cheek fillers Treatment as our first priority is your safety. We only use approved high quality products therefore we have an impeccable clinical track record.

Years of experience

Dr. Ram Singh Bhadouria has been working in this industry for past few years and he is a fully registered medical practitioner with a license to practice issued by the GMC.

Safe and Effective treatment

At Dr. Ram Aesthetics We take all the mandatory precautions to deliver safe and effective cheek fillers Treatment.

Comfortable consultation

Anyone can easily make an online appointment at Dr. Ram Aesthetics. Here, you can get a comfortable consultation without any obligation.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Yes, if you are considering treatment from an experienced practitioner, there’s a minimum risk as We take all the mandatory precautions to deliver safe and effective cheek fillers Treatment.

These treatments are for above 18 candidate with no other contra indications (pregnancy, breast feeding or any other medical contra indications). Any suitable candidate who desires to improve their natural aesthetics such as plumping lips, contouring face, Improving wrinkles and so on can take the dermal filler treatments.

Yes, it is a minimally painful procedure but we use local anaesthetic cream to minimize the discomfort.