Double Chin

Double Chin Treatment - Improve The Double Chin Appearance

Having a streamlined face is a dream of many that offer them an attractive look.


The problem of Double chin is a quite common and often unpleasant experience for many.  In such a case, one may want to try the advanced treatment to reduce fat cells under the chin.


A double chin is a facial aesthetic problem in which the fat starts producing in the lower part of the chin that makes your face look bulky and ruins your facial beauty. Double chin problem is also known as submental fat that is often caused by increasing weight. Double chins are not necessarily due to excess weight. Some slim people can also be susceptible to storing fat in this area, even if they are healthy and active. It is often due to genetic predisposition. Facial structure can also emphasise the problem.


Double chin problems might be frustrating and a bad experience for anyone as it's a reminder of ageing and declining facial beauty. Submental fat treatment or double chin treatment is a way to eliminate the issue and revive facial beauty. This treatment involves various procedures that make a face slim and attractive.

What Causes Double Chin Problem?

The double chin causing factors are unclear as there are multiple reasons for the formation of fat in the lower part of the face. However,some top reasons are responsible for the double chin problem. Those are as follows:

Increasing Weight

Increasing weight and double chin problems are interlinked as increasing weight ultimately starts producing fat. The face looks saggy and fatty if the body weight starts increasing.


Age makes several changes in the body, and the double chin problem is one of the top problems. With the growing age, skin starts losing its elasticity that is unable the skin to hold the fat, and it appears bulky and fatty. 


Genes are the major factor that defines the facial structure. If a family has a history of bulky faces, there’s a high chance of having a double chin.

Facial Movements

Facial movements are also responsible for causing double chin problems as poor facial movements weaken the muscles and bones of the face; over time, it starts the formation of fat that leads to a double chin.

What is Double Chin Treatment?

It is an injectable product contain a naturally occurring molecule called deoxycholic acid, which aids in digestion by breaking down dietary fat. When it is injected into the fat beneath the chin, destroys fat cells and excreting the fat via your lymphatics so that the end result is reduction in the double chin and improved neck chin profile. Treatment takes about 30 minutes and involves up to 10-15 tiny injections in total, using tiny needle. For best results, doctor may recommend a course of treatments with 2-4 sessions 4-6 weeks apart.


Once the fat cells have been removed from your body they're gone. You cannot produce more fat cells, so results can be PERMANENT. We always recommend maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle for best results in the long term.

Approved by FDA and MHRA UK.

While this treatment is new to the UK, it has been popular for a number of years in the USA. It has now been passed by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) for release in the UK. At Dr Ram Aesthetics we are one of the first few clinics to offer this only FDA and MHRA approved treatment to permanently dissolve fat in the chin area.

Non-invasive Double Chin Treatment At Dr. Ram Aesthetics

Dr. Ram Aesthetics offers a reliable, safe and effective submental fat treatment in the Isle of Man. Despite the treatment, we also believe in providing a natural cure to the problem. Thus, Dr. Ram Aesthetics suggests some facial exercises and healthy diet that will help you in getting rid of the double chin problem.

Ball Exercise

It’s an effective exercise in which you have to place a ball under your chin and press it 25 times. It will be helpful in eliminating the double chin problem.

Tongue Stretch

In this exercise, you have to put your tongue out, stretch it towards your nose, and hold it for 10 seconds.

Neck Stretch

By practicing neck stretching by tilting your neck back and looking at the ceiling, pressing the tongue in your mouth for 10-15 seconds and then releasing, one can reduce facial fat.

Straight and Bottom Jaw Jut

These two exercises are also beneficial if you want to remove the fat from the face. By practicing exercise regularly, the double chin problem can be cured.

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If you are searching to enhance your natural beauty, submental fat treatment in the Isle of Man may be suitable for you. A treatment at Dr. Ram Aesthetics, the fat of the chin permanently gets removed from the area. Advised to maintain healthy diet and life style)

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Yes, with the effective double chin treatment in the Isle of Man, you may easily improve the appearance of double chin .

Improving your lifestyle and getting a better diet with the exercises that we mentioned above are effective in double chin problems.

Our treatment is clinically proven and can be customised to suit each patients’ anatomy and circumstances. It really works to reduce the fat below the chin, improving the appearance of moderate to severe ‘submental fat’.