PDO Thread Neck Lift Treatment

PDO Thread Neck Lift Treatment

Thread lift treatment has become a popular cosmetic treatment to improve saggy and loose skin. PDO refers to polydioxanone, and in this treatment, the skin gets tightened with a thread called a suture. It's a better way to rejuvenate the skin and uplift the sagging skin. However, with the growing age, the lower area of the neck starts dropping down, which ultimately affects your beauty and imbalances the structure of the face. PDO thread neck lift treatment is an innovative way to improve the losing skin of your neck, and it also reduces the aging signs.


If you are also dealing with dropping down skin and aging, you can consider the best PDO thread neck lift treatment at Dr. Ram Aesthetics. Improve your beauty with this noninvasive cosmetic treatment.

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How Do PDO Thread Neck Lift Treatment Work?

PDO thread treatment is a kind of cosmetic treatment that works on different parts of the face, including jawlines, cheeks, eyes, and neck. PDO thread neck lift treatment stimulates the beauty of the face by promoting the development of collagen. It helps to regain the volume of the skin and make it look young and fresh.


The treatment works on the skin tissues of the neck that stimulates the absorption process as the component is consumed by the skin through injection. The treatment is practiced by using a cannula that's a kind of micro-needle. With the treatment, the skin gets a volume and revives the beauty.

Prevention Against Crow Feet Lines

Crow's feet on the skin is a natural ageing sign that can be improved with various procedures. At Dr. Ram Aesthetics, you can also get a natural way with minimum risk to cure the issue. Get easy-to-use methods to prevent crow's feet lines on your skin.

Don't directly expose the sunrays

Sunlight is a vital source of many vitamins, such as vitamin D, but more sun rays can affect the skin adversely. Thus, limit sun exposure and use sunscreen and sunglasses.

Make a healthy diet

A healthy diet, including fruits, green veggies, nuts, whole grains and more, are essential components to make skin more healthy and beautiful.

Use quality products

Using sunscreen, vitamin C cream, and more medical grade skincare products can also reduce ageing. You can consult with Dr. Ram Aesthetics about skin concerns.

The Procedure of the PDO Thread Neck Lift Treatment

  • The Aesthetics Doctor disinfects the whole neck area with the disinfectant solution.
  • After disinfection of the area, A doctor applies anesthetic cream to the area to numb the skin.
  • Now, the professional pulls the skin tight enough so that the insertion of the cannula happens seamlessly.
  • Then, the professional does the thread lift on the whole neck area.
  • A doctor will advise you on some pre-care for the skin. And may also suggest you avoid some things before the procedure. The procedure of PDO thread neck lift in the Isle of man can vary from one Aesthetics doctor to another.
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Why PDO Thread Neck Lift Treatment?

Many treatments are available to rejuvenate the skin, and PDO thread neck lift treatment is one of the efficient ways to improve your facial beauty by improving fine wrinkles and tightening the losing skin. It's an exceptional treatment for all who are looking to revive their beauty as it features plenty of benefits.

Effective Results

At Dr. Ram Aesthetics you will get the safe and effective PDO thread lift treatment.

Youthful Skin

PDO thread neck lift treatment stimulates the creation of collagen that promotes skin volume and makes you look young and beautiful. 

Lasts For a Long

PDO thread neck lift treatment is a short-term procedure, but it delivers long-lasting results and makes the skin beautiful for a long period.

Boost Social Confidence

With beautiful and volume-rich skin, the beauty ultimately rises at the top giving you robust confidence. Present your beauty with strong confidence.

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If you are looking for effective ways to enhance your skin's beauty, PDO thread neck lift treatment is the perfect treatment for you. Consult at Dr. Ram Aesthetics to get the safe and effective PDO thread lift treatment

Frequently Asked Questions!

No, it's a noninvasive treatment practiced with a micro-needle that improves wrinkles and fine lines from the skin.

There are certain complications in the treatment, such as pain, visible sutures, minor bruising, infection, and much more that depend on person to person.

Yes, if you are taking the treatment from an experienced and reliable place, there's a minimum risk.