Jawline Slimming

Jawline Slimming Treatment

Jawline slimming or masseters reduction treatment is an aesthetic process involving a range of procedures to make a face slim and attractive. Having a slim and prolonged jawline is a fine feature that represents your face beautifully. With the jawline slimming treatment, the unfined shape of the jaw such as square, oval, and heart-shaped jaw, can be refined.


By getting an effective jaw reduction treatment, one can make their face enlarged and slim, extracting the extra width of the face as this treatment acts on the jawline muscle. If you are looking for an effective Masseter treatment in Isle of man, you can get a free consultation at Dr. Ram Aesthetics.


Specifications Of Jawline Slimming Treatment

Jawline slimming treatment aims to make a more feminine look. This treatment works on the masseter muscles and helps to weaken it that reduces the width and size of the jawline. A jawline slimming is a way to reshape the face. Facial ethnicity is the key factor on which the Jawline slimming treatment depends. Thanks to technology and advancement in the medical aesthetics that profound the various alternatives of jawline reshaping treatment.


Depending upon the facial ethnicity and natural shape, the angel and procedures of the Jawline treatment can be variant. It's also vital to consult with an experienced and qualified aesthetic doctor to get safe and effective treatment. Dr. Ram Aesthetics clinic is the ideal place where you can find reliable and effective jawline reduction treatment.

What To Expect From the Masseter Treatment?

By getting the jawline reduction treatment, one can gain a number of benefits, and some are as follows:

Attain a fine facial feature

Having a fine jawline is the feature of a perfect face, and with the treatment, one can easily get a fine and slim jaw.

Attractive appearance

With a fine jawline, one can look more attractive and enchanting.

Elevate sociability

A beautiful face has the confidence to be social, and this elevates their sociability.

Enhance beauty

You can maximize your beautiful appearance by getting an effective jawline reduction treatment.

What is the Treatment?

Non-Surgical Injectable Treatment - Injection blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. It is a powerful substance that is injected into the muscles that form wrinkles to relax them and reduce their appearance. Getting this treatment takes only a few minutes. We use a small needle to inject into specific muscles with only minor discomfort.


It can be used to reduce the face problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, forehead lines, chemical brow lift, nose wrinkles, smokers lines, jawline slimming, gummy smile, hyperhidrosis, Nefertiti neck, and many other skin issues.

Get The Reliable Jawline Slimming Treatment At Dr. Ram Aesthetics

Dr. Ram Aesthetics is an ideal place to get the jawline slimming treatment In Isle of Man with the following features.

Years of experience

Dr. Ram Aesthetics helped many people through their advanced aesthetics treatments that enhanced their natural beauty.

Safe treatments

At Dr. Ram Aesthetics, you can also get safe and effective treatment services and a quick consultation with the doctor.

Confidential treatment

Dr. Ram Aesthetics is concerned about your privacy  thus, we promise to provide a confidential treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

It's a process to reduce the width of the jawline and make the square and oval-shaped jawline into a fine shape.

Longevity  of the treatment results may vary between individuals. The effects may last upto 3-4  months

If you are getting treatment from a reliable and experienced doctor, there’s a minimum risk of any kind of problem and common risks are bruising, swelling and skin redness.  All the possible risks will be discussed at the time of consultation.

This treatment is not recommended for:

People with a hypersensitivity/ allergy to the product, pregnant/ breastfeeding, below 18, anyone with other medical contraindications.