PDO Thread Face Lift Treatment

PDO Thread Face Lift Treatment

A PDO thread lift is a process of tightening the skin by using the suture. The suture is made of dissolving matter. PDO thread lift is done using polydioxanone (PDO) threads in the treatment areas, which are placed under the skin through a small needle or cannula. The presence of the PDO thread face lift can trigger the other cells in making the collagen. These cells are known as fibroblasts.


This treatment instantly lifts the skin and tightens the saggy skin. It may last up to at least eighteen months. There are three different types of a suture in the market. Other ones have polycaprolactone and polylactic acid. Sutures have polyesters that are colourless and can break down in the body. For maintaining youthful skin, one can take regular service of this treatment.


PDO Thread lift treatment for the face?

Getting the PDO treatment will help you in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. PDO thread face lift also ensures to give you a fine texture and tightening skin. This treatment helps in promoting collagen production in the skin. It lifts your skin and renews it. This treatment contours the face and reduces the sign of ageing.

The division of the PDO threads categories is as follows.

PDO screw threads

They restore the volume in the hollow parts of the skin. They consist of one or more intertwined threads.

PDO mono threads

They stimulate the collagen resulting in rejuvenation of the ageing skin. The mono threads are smooth sutures.

PDO cog threads

They give support and lift the skin. The cog threads have barbs that can latch into the skin.

The procedure of the PDO thread face lift is as follows

  1. The procedure of PDO thread lift can vary from one Aesthetics doctor to another.
  2. Firstly, An Aesthetic Doctor will disinfect the area that needs to undergo the treatment. Then the professional numbs the area by applying a good anesthetic cream or injecting it into your skin.
  3. After that, the doctor will insert the cannula into a small incision with the help of an injection. Then hold the thread in the skin and take out the cannula.
  4. Afterward, the doctor cut the thread and secured it in the skin.
  5. Before the appointment, the doctor will tell you to avoid anything that can increase the bleeding—for example, alcohol consumption, green tea, and  omega-3.
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Frequently Asked Questions!

The PDO threads will be absorbed entirely within six months as they are the dissolvable ones. And the face area where the treatment is done will look healthy for many years.

Make sure there is no inflammation in the body. Avoid the consumption of the things which make the blood thin. Such as alcohol, aspirin, omega 3, and green tea.

Yes, absolutely. Wear sunscreen afterward. While washing the face, do wash it gently. Do not rub or massage the skin.