Chin Filler

Chin Filler Treatment

Chin fillers are the types of fillers added to the chin and the jaw area to enhance the facial aesthetics. The fillers that can be used in this treatment are made up of natural and synthetic materials.


These fillers help in reshaping the chin and enhance the facial symmetry. Chin filler treatments are considered to be safer treatments, and they have a lower risks of any side effects. In Dr. Ram Aesthetics Clinic, you can get the safe and effective chin filler treatment in Isle of Man.

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Procedure of the Chin Treatment

  1. The chin treatments are very alike to the other fillers that are practiced by Aesthetics professionals with various types of treatments. For doing these types of treatment, the professionals always disinfect the skin first. Then they will start doing the treatment.
  2. Try to remain still during the procedure. Usually, these chin filler treatments can be between thirty to forty minutes. The placements of the fillers will entirely depend on your desired look.
  3. After the treatment, you can expect some side effects. But these side effects are just temporary ones.
  4. The side effects may include swelling of the skin, bruising of the skin, or skin lumpiness.
  5. You may feel the soreness and the heaviness for a few days.

Benefits of the Chin Filler Treatments

The dermal filler treatments can reshape the chin to achieve the desired look. With this treatment you can get a feminine or masculine appearance with minimum risk. It also offers a strong foundation to the face.

This treatment removes the double chin area and smooths it out.

It can change the whole appearance of the face.

This treatment can give the jawline an attractive shape.

What is the treatment?

Non-Surgical Injectable Treatment - Fillers are gel-like substances that are injected beneath the skin to restore lost volume, smooth lines and soften creases, or enhance facial contours. Injectable soft gel where it is directly injected into the affected region to stimulate collagen production and add volume to those specific regions. As a result, the signs of aging are removed and one will achieve a youthful appearance.


Areas Where Dermal Fillers Can Improve Your Face - Volumize Lips, Plump Cheeks, Forehead Lines, Reshape the Chin or Nose, Marionette Lines & Nasolabial Folds, Reduce Appearance of Scars, etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions!

Filler treatments are used for defining the sculpture of the face. Their biggest benefit is the regeneration of the skin.

The downtime while going through these kinds of treatments is equal to minimum. However, you can avoid some important meetings or get together for a few days. Until the swelling or the redness goes.

Do not take any painkillers, vitamin e capsules, or omega. These kinds of supplements can lead to thinning of the blood. Which in turn increases the bruising and redness. If it's prescribed, then do consult with your doctor. Do avoid the alcohol before a day of the treatment.

These treatments are for above 18 candidate with no other contra indications (pregnancy, breast feeding or any other medical contra indications). Any suitable candidate who desires to improve their natural aesthetics such as plumping lips, contouring face, Improving wrinkles and so on can take the dermal filler treatments.