Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial Folds Treatments

The nasolabial treatment treats the folds and the deep wrinkles that form from the tip of the nose to the very corners of the mouth. They are very common problems that happen in humans.


An Aesthetic Doctor could help you in finding the right type of treatment. The professional always starts with the little non-invasive treatments. Then start doing the full nasolabial folds treatment resulting in the desired look you have in your mind.

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What Are The Causes of Nasolabial Folds?

Many factors can cause the nasolabial folds on the face. It could be due to age, sun damage, and smoking. Smoking breaks down the fibers in the skin and the collagen that keeps the skin smooth.


Sudden weight loss or gain can also result in the nasolabial folds. The sudden gaining of weight makes the cheeks plumper and develops the folds.


Sleeping on the same side can always also cause the nasolabial folds on one or both sides of the nose.

Procedure of The Nasolabial Folds Treatment

An Aesthetic doctor apply the filler in the nasolabial folds. After filling the fillers, the folds are less visible, and the cheeks become more lifted.

The fillers in the skin don’t make the folds disappear. But make them less eye-catching. Treat yourself to facial skin tightening treatments. They help in building the lost collagen.

An Aesthetic doctor may recommend going through the mid-facelift. You can go under the surgery of removing the excess skin and get a facelift.

An Aesthetic doctor can remove the upper layer of skin by using the dermabrasion method. It can happen in the doctor’s clinic. This procedure of nasolabial folds treatment can be covered in one or two sessions.

Benefits of The Nasolabial Folds Treatment in the Isle of man

  1. The procedure of nasolabial folds gives a lift to the face.
  2. It also enhances the collagen of the skin which happens due to sun damage.
  3. The treatment gives immediate results which are lasting.
  4. You can wear makeup after this treatment. The skin will become softer and look smoother after the nasolabial folds treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Yes, you can. Always wear sun protection while going out of the house. Do not smoke. Moisturize your skin well, do not ever skip it.

A professional recommends this treatment as it has a lower risk of any infection. There are a few side effects that can happen after the treatment. But they will soon disappear as your skin heals from the procedure.

These treatments are for above 18 candidate with no other contra indications (pregnancy, breast feeding or any other medical contra indications). Any suitable candidate who desires to improve their natural aesthetics such as plumping lips, contouring face, Improving wrinkles and so on can take the dermal filler treatments.