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Truly Exceptional Results

Dermal Fillers help smooth out deep lines, rejuvenate lips and can help sculpt and define faces.  When used correctly, fillers can achieve a very natural looking result which does not affect facial expression.

Dermal filler is a smooth gel made up of hyaluronic acid which is injected using a fine needle under the skin. A numbing cream is usually applied before injecting to make the experience less painful.

Not all fillers are the same. It is important to use the right filler for a particular area. Using the wrong filler can lead to complications and dissatisfaction. The limited regulation in this industry currently means that incorrect fillers are used unregulated in some clinics.

Please be reassured that the correct filler will be used. I use only the best products all clinically tested in UK which are used worldwide and are incredibly safe. Each treatment will be tailored to suit your individual needs.