Updated: Dec 2, 2020

What is a Vampire Facial? A treatment that has become quite popular in recent years, Vampire Facial is a procedure, that is fabricated for individuals who are looking for more natural ways of rejuvenating their face.

Now, Vampire Facial is a combination of micro-needling and PRP. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a concentrate of protein derived from whole blood. Therefore, this is the reason why PRP has a greater concentration of growth factors. And these factors, indeed, help the tissues to heal and repair. PRP can, thus, help in curing all skin issues. What are the Benefits of Vampire Facial? (I) It Promotes Healthy Skin Regeneration:

The PRP comprises of unique growth factors, which essentially, boosts the healing response of the skin. These growth factors stimulate the formation of new, healthy cells that replace old, damaged cells so skin looks and feels firmer, and fine lines and scars are diminished. (II) No Signs Of Allergies:

The PRP is reaped from our own body. Therefore, one does not need to worry about allergic reactions, the ones, that usually occur with medicines and other topical or oral formulations. (III) Quick Recovery:

Since the vampire facial is minimally invasive, one does not need to worry about anaesthesia and the risks it can pose. The patient does not even need to worry about a long recovery period. The skin would, though, appear to be a little pinkish after the treatment. It might be extra sensitive as well. But these side effects are minimal, and they’ll resolve soon.

The sole thing, a patient must need to do, is to keep his/her skin protected from the sun during the early stages of healing. This is done to achieve optimal recovery and results.

Before the Treatment: (I) The patient has to consume lots of water, a night before the treatment. They cannot drink alcohol or coffee.

(II) The patients need to eat a healthy breakfast.

(III) The patients must not take any kind of aspirin or blood thinners. During The Process: (I) There would be an application of numbing cream on the entire face of the patient.

After 30 minutes or so, the patient wouldn’t be able to feel his/her face.

(II) The doctor draws a couple of vials of blood from the patient’s arm.

(III) The vial of the patient’s blood is then placed in a centrifuge, where the plasma gets separated from the red cells.

(IV) The doctor injects the high concentration plasma into the patient’s face.

Note: Even though the face would be numb, the patient could feel a bit of the needle go through his/her skin.

(IV) The whole treatment can take about 45 minutes to an hour.

(VI) The face could get hot. Also, the patient would have to wash the blood off his/her face with a gentle face wash, post-procedure. Post-Facial:

(I) The patient won’t be able to work on his/her usual skincare regimen for a few days after the facial. He/she must wash his/her face with a gentle face wash and, thereafter, apply a hydrating moisturizer.

(II) The patient must avoid sun exposure.

(III) As stated earlier, the skin of the patient can appear to be pink/ red for a few days. Results:

The skin enhances to be remarkably very glowy. It appears to be more clearer. The acne scars are erased with regular procedures. Note:

Better results of the PRP facials are noticeable after three sessions two weeks apart and then maintenance treatment every six months.

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