How do they work?

Barbed threads improve facial appearance in 2 ways:

A- Lift

Since the late 90's the success has increased since thread technology and technique has been significantly improved. It is a minimally invasive method for lifting areas of the face without adding volume and also regenerates the skin through facial rejuvention

The shift towards non-surgical cosmetic procedures in particular over the classic 'plastic surgery' are as follows:

Price- Far less expensive than the average surgerical treatment

Safer - Minimally invasive treatment

Quicker - Immediate results with little or no down time

Non-Permanent - Often reversible

Who is suitable for the PDO thread lift?

This treatment is suitable for anyone who is looking for skin sagging solutions, those who are willing to undergo some Facial rejuvenation treatments , looking for an immediate lift of facial contours without undergoing any facelift surgery.

Suitable for both men and women

Compared with other face-lifting options, this PDO thread lift works faster and have more visible results.


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