Dermal Fillers: Complications and its Prevention

To look beautiful and being attractive have been an utmost desire, in people around the globe for a very long time, everyone wants to keep their skin glowing, shine and nourished but within the time our skin gets deficient in hyaluronic acid produced naturally by the human body.

(Hyaluronic acid– a clear gel-like substance, primarily function as retaining water to keep the tissues hydrated and moist), which our mechanism failed to produce in an adequate amount as our age increases gradually, resulted in our skin started losing its elasticity and get wrinkled in that part, whereas there are also many other factors which determine the cause of wrinkles such as UV-rays, pollutants, and smoke.

But don’t get too worried about these signs of ageing as, Dr Ram having years of experience in Aesthetic medicine, can detail your treatment plan specific to your needs, providing a promising cosmetic experience by preserving your natural-looking face and enhancing your natural beauty.

But have you ever thought about How it works?

Dermal filler works by boosting the supply of hyaluronic acid which revitalize and add volume to the skin instantly decreasing the appearance of the lines and wrinkles and giving you the natural look, you desire.

But is it as appealing and healthy as it sounds or it can be a nightmare in your option for Facial Rejuvenation?

Treating wrinkles and lines may drive you to go for facial rejuvenation as its widely accepted aid amongst all who seek elegance in looks but due to their minimally invasive nature, the rise in this popularity has been raised globally irrespective of the fact that there might be a possibility of risk and side effects which can’t be ignored solely.

Today, Dr Ram explicating the risks and their prevention one should need to know before opting for a dermal filler procedure, Dr ram suggests that your physician has to be very specific about which treatment suits you best according to your need and sensitivity of your skin. If your physician forgets to do the homework then, they can put you through a serious complication that can be aesthetically displeasing and unacceptable for you.

However, complications may be minor and fleeting at the same time they can be major which are most rare and less likely to happen. But they can create permanent defacing damage, let’s have a look at what complications you are likely to experience on going with dermal fillers and how can you prevent them.


Initial outbreak: – These are the complications that are visible within the first two weeks after the treatment. It may include-

Bruising and swelling: – Although minor complications like bruising and swelling can be restricted. By adopting suitable techniques like selecting the appropriate filler also one can practice a method by pulling your skin-tight in a well-illuminated area, this will help you further.

Also, watch for ecchymosis (a rare condition where the skin gets discoloured resulting from bleeding underneath mainly caused by bruising).

After the session, the patient should apply an ice pack for 15-20 minutes and the patient have to be very careful before taking out any blood thinner as it may increase the chance of having bruises.

Nodules: – Not every patient can handle the fillers easily as their body reacts differently to various kind of fillers, however, your physician should be worried about the red, painful or sensitive nodules which can be a strong sign of you having a bacterial infection and this should be treated as soon as possible. If it is found to be unstable patient is suggested to be re-checked under 48 hours and should be placed on empiric oral antibiotics to treat the nodules.

Vascular Compromise: – This can be regarded as the scariest initial complications a patient can ever experience. This is caused when the dermal filler is either injected into an artery or around an artery to the point that the blood flow is reduced or completely stopped. Resulting in the tissues of that particular area starts dying due to the interrupted supply of blood to the vessels. Acknowledgement is the only key to a favourable outcome after having these complications.


Post outbreak

These complications are in late comer’s and appear a few weeks after the treatment and it may include:

Bumps, Blanching and Nodules: – These symptoms can be caused by filling too much quantity of filler at a specific area. Bumps are very common to feel after taking the fillers into the face and it may go after a few weeks and may appear blue due to the Tyndall effect, whereas blanching happens when the fillers were placed too superficially or due to restricted blood flow.

If blanching occurs throughout the process then an instant gentle message may do the correct job for you.

Nodules occur due to infection or if the type of filler doesn’t suit your anatomy but, can be treated with oral antibiotics.

Hypersensitivity Reactions: – These are the reactions that occur around the treated area within minutes or hours after the aid due to an immunoglobulin E(IgE) mediated immune response to dermal fillers which are made by bacterial fermentation or rooster combs. This also means they contain endotoxins from bacteria which when exposed to our body fights with this invader as a threat resulted in swelling and formation of nodules.

It can range from mild to moderate depending upon its severity. Its treatment may include:

  • Antihistamines to control the body’s allergic reaction.
  • Corticosteroids decrease the immune response rate.
  • Skin creams to smoothen the area.
  • Ice packs to reduce swelling.
  • Hyaluronidase to break down hyaluronic acid.
  • Surgery to remove nodules.

Migration:- This is the most familiar complications after the use of non-biodegradable fillers. It happens when the fillers get moved from the original place it was filled and can cause discomfort in having and treating further.

True Granulomas: – It is an anti-allergic chronic inflammatory reaction that originates from multinucleated giant cells which can occur after taking any dermal filler varies on the volume, impurities and physical properties of the fillers. Foreign body granulomas can be cured with intralesional corticosteroid medication.

Although dermal fillers may help you minimize your signs of ageing you can’t deny the complications associate with them. By taking necessary

measures as follows you can prevent it from getting worse.

  • Pre-filler planning: – Pre-treatment planning is the most crucial part of your treatment, if you don’t want to bear a lot of pain and loves your skin natural anatomy, determining the facial anatomy and the specific characteristics of each filler that suits you best, this job is necessarily required by your physician to prevent the complications before.
  • Anatomy: – Everybody has their depth of skin varies from age group which can affect the chance of vascular compromise as we discussed earlier if not examined before the treatment thoroughly.
  • Patient Expectations: – Always be clear in your mind that what are you expecting from the treatment you have chosen and also feel free and important to consult your goal with your physician because it will lead you to unpleasant result and also increased the chance of getting things complicated.
  • Informed Consent: – You should discuss all the concerns with the physician during the consultation and at the time of signing written consent (before treatment).

Pre-operative screening: – Patient should be screened thoroughly for any medical condition which can affect the application of filler.

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