So, What Is Profhilo?

Devised to deal with ageing skin, Profhilo is an innovative skin remodelling procedure that is fabricated to treat dull skin that lacks elasticity and volume.

This non-surgical treatment employs the use of Profhilo fillers that were fundamentally invented in Italy. These fillers soon gained massive popularity worldwide, and eventually found their way to the UK in the year 2015.

Having been the winner of the ‘Product Innovation Of The Year 2016 For The Aesthetics Awards’, the revolutionary procedure of Profhilo splendidly treats age-related issues such as wrinkles and loose skin.

The purest and highest concentration of Hyaluronic acid of the Profhilo fillers not only boost and hydrate the skin but also tighten and remodel sagging tissues. How Does Profhilo Work? The objective of Profhilo is to utilise the hydrating qualities of hyaluronic acid. Now, hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally found in our bodies. It is responsible for keeping our skin moisturised.

However, with the gradual and natural process of ageing, our body tends to produce less quantity of this specific acid.

Therefore, these hyaluronic acid fillers retain water within our layers of skin, eventually helping in boosting its texture and giving it a soft, dewy glow. They encourage the production of elastane and collagen, making our skin look more youthful and revitalised. How Long Does The Effect Of Profhilo Treatment Last For? The components of Profhilo fillers almost take a month to settle in the layers of our skin.

Now, during this period, the slow release of hyaluronic acid produces four distinct types of collagen and elastin fibres. These fibres, eventually improve tissues, tissues that furnish our skin, its structure and texture. Therefore, as our bodies start producing skin-boosting ingredients itself, the results of Profhilo, eventually, turn out to be quite remarkable. The treatment has a significant tightening and lifting effect on the skin.

And the results of the Profhilo treatment can be witnessed for up to 6 months. Though, this can differ from patient to patient.

What Is The Procedure Of Profhilo? The Consultation:

Initially, one must schedule a pre-treatment consultation meeting with the Doctor, so as to discuss, the minute details of the procedure. The treatment of Profhilo must specifically address the ageing issues of the patient. Before the treatment: (I) Now, before the Profhilo treatment, the patient must not consume alcohol, at least 24 hours prior to the procedure.

(II) To avoid the risk of getting bruised after the treatment, the patient must avoid consuming any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine and aspirin, a couple of days before the treatment. The Procedure: (I) A numbing cream would be applied on the area that has to be treated. The application of this specific cream helps in making the procedure more comfortable for the patient.

(II) Now, in the first phase, 2ml of Profhilo is injected on five entry points, on each side of the face. This particular routine is known as Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP).

(III) If the patient wants to achieve exceptional and long-lasting results, then he/ she should opt for a 4ml procedure.

The doctor would, therefore, provide two treatments of 2ml each, in a period of four weeks. Note: For more hydrated and tightened skin result, where the signs of ageing are quite visible, the patient can double the dosage to 8ml in four weeks.

This option can be discussed with the doctor during the consultation session. Are There Any Side-Effects? The patient can experience some redness immediately after the procedure. It can be followed by some itchiness in the treated area as well.

Though, these side effects shall dissipate after 24 hours. Who Should Get Profhilo? The treatment is ideal for men and women over the age of 30, who are starting to experience fine lines and wrinkles on their skin.

There is no upper age limit for this treatment.

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